Mix for Batu

Here is a (re)collection of sounds, songs, pieces, live recordings made by old and new friends living in various places I had the chance to visit and live in 2019!
Thx to Askara collective, Indonesia.


Complete tracklist :

Clinch – Face A (Bending / 50hz recs)
Haruki Fujitani – Live at Toonice, Takamatsu (personal recording)
Nuno Canavarro ‎– O Fundo Escuro De Alsee ( Plux Quba / Ama Romanta – Moikai – Drag City)
Mahesa Almeida – A LT O ( A LT O/P A N, Hasana Editions)
Hankil Ryu – Live at VoidBlank, Busan (personal recording)
Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Sam Shalabi – Oglon Day 1 (Oglon Day – 33-33)
Bernard Parmegianni – Matières Premières 2 (Matières Premières – INA / GRM)
Thomas Tilly – Tô ‎– Cables & Signs 2 (Cables & Signs – Ten Underwater Field Recordings – Fissür)
Michael Speers – Tombeau (xtr’ctn – CANVAS)
Erell Latimier – Séparé(e)(s) des normaux (L’impatience directe des corps – Glistening Examples)
Vomit & Tear – Track 02 (+E-L)
HAIGAN – Dynamite Goddess ( Genocide Of The Good Friends = 地獄に堕とす野郎共 – Vis A Vis Audio Arts)
Still House Plants – Warm in the car (Still House Plants – Greater Lanarkshire Auricular Research Council)

2 Bolos Elétricos in 2019

Toulouse Hacker Space Festival #10 (THSF)
:: 01/06/2019

Jogja Noise Bombing Fest (Indonesia) (JNB)
:: 26/01/2019


Pijat Seluruh Badan

Pierre Pierre Pierre x Uhyeah! ::: Split Tape ::: Live in Batu, Indonesia
Made In Indonesia by Alpha Omega Recs (Solo), Feb 2019, artwork by Kolektif Asakara

Infos & orders on 50hz.club/recs

La Boucler

New project/performance imagined with Clinch…

La Boucler is a site specific listening experience where we move around the audience, manipulating found objects and playing with their acoustic and performative potentials.

« Ni continu, ni infini, ni homogène, ni isotrope […]
Où il se brise, où il se courbe, où il se déconnecte, où il se rassemble[…]
Des fissures, des hiatus, des points de frictions[…]
Ça se coince, ça éclate, ça cogne[…]
Songer à mesurer, prendre en charge, prendre en compte[…]
Une forme de cécité, une manière d’anesthésie[…]
Un journal d’un usager de […]  »
G. .


« Des corps en mouvement pour modéliser le bâti.
Une visite statique d’un lieu par l’écoute.
Des statiques visites pour bâtir un modélisé.
Un mouvement d’écoute d’un corps au lieu.
Le visite d’une écoute par la bâti.
Stratique les cops d’une modèle pour le son.« 

#2 >> Blockhaus DY.10, Nantes >> Clinch, Pierre Pierre Pierre, Martin Deck-Roussel >> 10/01/19
#1 >> Passerelle, Brest >> Clinch, Pierre Pierre Pierre >> 04/11/17

FRRR TOURRR + NoNoise#4 tape

R R R is
Rui Leal
/ Electric Bass
Pierre Pierre Pierre / Laptop, Supercollider

In RRR Double-bass and synthetic sounds plays a hide and seek game. It’s a sound processing technique that happens in the air and in the mixer. Basic but bi-directional!

+ + +

R R R – NoNoise#4 tape

Limited tape edition with download code
Recorded live at NoNoise Fest #4 / Sonoscopia / Porto / 04.08.2018
Only available at R R R gigs…

Rui Leal, lives and works in Porto, Portugal. As a musician he play double-bass and works also with electronics. He has been part of several projects and records from the Porto scene in collaboration Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, Gustavo Costa, the collective Soopa etc.

Pierre Pierre Pierre, lives and works between Niort, Nantes (Fr) and Porto (Portugal). As a musician he use old hi-fi material and hand-made synth or computer with the audio coding software SuperCollider. He’ve part of the associations Mire and Cable# in Nantes, dedicated to experimental cinema and music. He is part of the projects AV2 and WAV2.

Ponts et chaussées

Tentative de pièce pour 6 voitures, 6 cassettes ou cd.
— Tests for a sound piece for 6 cars and 6 tapes and CD.

Premiers tests

Fat & Curious
15/12/2017, à Chalon sur Saone, chez La Méandre

Sines Suite

Laptop music, Algo-rythmes, Hand-coded sound synthesis, Harsh transients & Extreme tones

Chalon-sur-Saône, La Méandre, 10-2017 crédit photo : Pierre Acobas

Vidéo : Workshop « Studio for immediate spaces » (Port Nord / Chalon sur Saône / 10.2017)

Link : SoundCloud

Contact : pierre/at/50hz/dot/club