Mix for Batu

Here is a (re)collection of sounds, songs, pieces, live recordings made by old and new friends living in various places I had the chance to visit and live in 2019!
Thx to Askara collective, Indonesia.


Complete tracklist :

Clinch – Face A (Bending / 50hz recs)
Haruki Fujitani – Live at Toonice, Takamatsu (personal recording)
Nuno Canavarro ‎– O Fundo Escuro De Alsee ( Plux Quba / Ama Romanta – Moikai – Drag City)
Mahesa Almeida – A LT O ( A LT O/P A N, Hasana Editions)
Hankil Ryu – Live at VoidBlank, Busan (personal recording)
Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Sam Shalabi – Oglon Day 1 (Oglon Day – 33-33)
Bernard Parmegianni – Matières Premières 2 (Matières Premières – INA / GRM)
Thomas Tilly – Tô ‎– Cables & Signs 2 (Cables & Signs – Ten Underwater Field Recordings – Fissür)
Michael Speers – Tombeau (xtr’ctn – CANVAS)
Erell Latimier – Séparé(e)(s) des normaux (L’impatience directe des corps – Glistening Examples)
Vomit & Tear – Track 02 (+E-L)
HAIGAN – Dynamite Goddess ( Genocide Of The Good Friends = 地獄に堕とす野郎共 – Vis A Vis Audio Arts)
Still House Plants – Warm in the car (Still House Plants – Greater Lanarkshire Auricular Research Council)