R Video

Wow, the brilliant Sofia Arriscado made an intense video clip for her favorite song from the tape Buraco… and she choose the R !

RRR ~ Buraco [Fougère musique]

New Tape Out !Thanks to Kevin/ Fougère Musique !

Buraco was recorded in 2022 in Carpe (Hotel Cidnay)
Santo Tirso, Portugal

Recorded, mixed, edited by RRR.

Listen and get it from : https://fougeremusique.bandcamp.com/album/buraco

Buraco Tour

PART 1 (* w/ Untel)

  • 7 avril ° Cluny ~ Les Mains Libres
  • 8 Avril ° Lyon ~ GZ
  • 9 Avril ° Saint Étienne ~ Les Arts du Forez
  • ~
  • 13 Avril * Cugand ~ Verger du Petit Coubrenier
  • 14 Avril * Arçais ~ À Vau L’eau
  • 15 Avril * Toulouse ~ Le Caméléon
  • 16 Avril * Ciboure – Bittor

Part 2

  • 4 maio° Lisboa ~ Prisme Estúdio
  • 5 maio° Montemor-o-Novo ~ Oficinas do Convento
  • 7 maio° Porto ~ Sonoscopia
RRRetour + Live at Hotelier

Rui Leal / Hurdy-Gurdy (aka Sanfona)
Pierre Pierre Pierre / Laptop, Supercollider

Early 2022, RRR met again for a short recording sessions. Rui exchanged the double-bass for a Hurdy-Gurdy.
Even if the ideas are still about combining acoustic timber and electronic tones, the pitches and the mood has changed in many ways.

A tape is to be released in 2023 on the label Fougère Musique .

First show of this new formula happened in October 2022 in Porto, Portugal at the venue Hotelier.
Here is a selection of some moments of this performance.

NoNoise#4 | Plaster Tape ~ 2018

Live recording from the RRR performance at NoNoise#4, the smallest festival of the summer, organised by Sonoscopia in Porto on the 04.08.2018.

Self Release under the 50hz recs label name.
It’s a fake tape made of plaster, sold with a download code. Starting price was ~ 3€ and was then raised by 1€ on every selling…

50hz recs


HZ001 | Plaster tape + download code
Duration : 17:30