02.09.2018 ~ LiChun Tseng, Zarabatana, Rui Leal, Glooming Bloom // Praça d’Alegria, Porto

50hz & Os Carrilhões d’Alegria apresentam um domingo com….

LICHUN TSENG (Rotterdam/Taipei) ~ Handmade journeys with 16mm film

ZARABATANA (Lisboa) ~ Ritualistic freespazz

RUI LEAL (Bonfim) ~ The only real underground nightlife sounds from Porto

BLOOMING GLOOM (Maia) ~ Doombiant or Dronecore ?

+ SOFIA SOCORRO ~ Deeeejjjjaaayyyyyy

++++ Films / Concertos / Dj / Jantar ++++

Dom 2 Setembro / 17h / jantar 3€ ou mais (preço semi-livre!), entrada livre.
Praça da Alegria F.C / Avenida Rodrigues Freitas, 207, Bonfim, Por


LiChun Tseng born in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently living and working in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
As an artist, LiChun works with celluloid film strip and explore it’s materiality creating movies, performances, installations.
Last entries of her filmography is mostly made of works in 16mm, processed at Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam, a very living and inventive artist-run film lab where she is one of the restless members.
Lately she also made a short experimental film in 35mm as the first artist in residency at the Cinemateca Portuguesa in Lisbon, for one year long.’s
Lichun’s works have been screened in places like International Film Festival of Rotterdam (Nl), EYE film museum in Amsterdam (Nl), International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Ge), Supernormal festival (Uk), Independent film show in Napoly (It) etc.

Yaw Tembe – trumpet, percussion, voice
Bernardo Álvares – doublebass, voice, percussion
Carlos Godinho – percussion, voice, drums

« They sound as aliens from the times when jazz was young and sounded fresh, but at the same time with freedom coming from 60s and modernity of today’s advanced scenes. (…) They are genuine, and listener believes in what they do.
Most probably they are best debut of the year 2015. »
(snobb – Jazz Music Archives)

« os Zarabatana espelham (…) uma história mental, das fugazes, das que surgem num instante e ficam enquanto dura a música: filas de corpos desnudos numa África pensada com o peso do imaginário colonial a dançarem ao som de dezenas de batuques e tambores em homenagem a um Deus desconhecido. »
(Paulo Cecílio – Bodyspace)


is a portuguese musician based in Porto. Playing double bass and electric bass, his personal interest drives him toward experimental music and electronic.
He worked with some musicians like Gustavo Costa, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, in different live and record projects (hhy and the macumbas, Tunnel Vision, Besta Bode).
In 2018 he started to wander at night in Bonfim and record sounds of the city with a particular mic, both contact-mic and electromagnetic, formerly used to amplify his double-bass.
This performance will be a unique chance to listen to the inner electronic nightlife of this city which used to be (or still is ?), one of the most vibrant underground scene in europe…

duo from Maia with guitars and synth. It’s slow, loud and grainy as hell !