Here is an attempt to re-enact Alvin Lucier’s piece “I’m sitting in a room” through the internet and all the rooms we are living during the lockdown, an possibly afterward.

Please, participate in playing the audio file available below in a quiet room, at a normal speech volume, and recording this diffusion.

* * *

Setup and record

Put a speaker in an armchair or similar in the middle of the room. Unplug the fridge, turn off the heater or any noisy apparel to reduce ambient sound to a minimum. Wait for a moment when the surrounding noises are reduced.
Setup a recording device, with good mic if possible, at +/- 1 meter from the speaker.

Test the levels of your speaker and in your mic, the sound shouldn’t be louder than a normal conversion. Just loud enough to slightly enrich the original material with small resonances from the room.

Press record and play the latest version available here :
—> click here to download the file - wav

* * *

Send and share

Once you have recorded, make sure your removed parts exceeding the original file, but keep initial and final silences, and normalize the file, export (ogg, flac, aiff, wav or mp3) and upload your recording here.

After the upload, you’ll be asked to share some email addresses to invite anonymously anyone you know whom could be interested in participating.

Hope to hear from you soon.

* * *


Questions, requests, anything :